Grocery Mobile App With Panels

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On-demand grocery application is the quick and instant online grocery delivery where there will be orders placed by users and as a business owner, you can directly sort the orders and deliver them to them. The online grocery delivery application makes the easier for grocery business owners to handle and manage their business on the go. 

Online grocery delivery is developed with the Laravel technology ensuring the smooth working of the gestures and functions. It is a ready template that is developed right for your business, where you can grow your grocery business with the guaranteed revenue generation growth from the application. It is the provider platforms that provide you with the opportunity to grow your business virtually and reach out to your targeted audiences. 

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Why Grocery app for your business?

On-demand grocery application helps in the easy ordering of the grocery from the application that allows you to take and manage orders. As a business owner, the management of the orders becomes an easy thing to track with keeping its record in the system itself. Also, on-demand grocery application helps in managing the records of the employees and other supply and stock. Say no to keeping traditional records and adopt the new management system for your business. The template is all ready for your business to carry out with smooth functionality with the presence of sleek features in each panel. Why wait to take up your business to the next level, try our grocery application template that fits right for your business. 

Grocery Delivery App Screens

Some of the screens of our Grocery Delivery App will be like this and these are highly customizable.


Our demos are to help prospects’ connect with this feeling of ownership or to
see their extended vision of their own needs.


Admin Panel Demo

View the admin panel app demo for more clarity and get to know more functions about it. Have a look at the admin panel of the grocery application

User Email                                       Password           123456


Shop Owner Panel Demo

View the working of the shop owner panel of the grocery business store. 

Username                                       Password           123456


Delivery Boy App Demo

Track the functions of the delivery boy application with the functions that are present in making it easy working for the delivery. 

Username                                       Password    123456


User App Demo

Try out the user app demo for more clarity in features and functions. 

Username                                       Password  123456


Striking Features to amaze users on the on-demand services platform

Add to cart

Add to cart option for the products that you have chosen for buying and shortlisting it. Add to cart helps to finalize the total orders by viewing it before placing the order and making the payment. 

OTP verification

We care for your security. The double verification of the application is done by confirming it with OTP. It is considered to be the most secure way of logging in to the application to avoid other mismanagement. 


Payment gateways

The most used payment gateways integrated help in the safe and secure payment transactions with the security. The easy to use and clear out the payment is now easy with the renowned payment gateways.

Multiple languages

It is a multi-linguistic supported application, applicable for every region and maximum language support. Multi-lingual helps in the maximum brand support and increases the visibility of the brand twofold. 


Filter searching

Easy way of finding the products through filters helps in the sorting out according to categories.

Track orders and the delivery

Live tracking delivery helps in keeping up with the estimated delivery time for delivering it. Keeping up with the tracking of the delivery is carried in this application.