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Know More About Doctro

Why choose Doctro as a business model?

If you are looking for the smarter application of the Doctor and Pharmacy, then this app is the one you are looking for. The doctor is the platform where doctors can easily manage the patients by booking an online appointment as well as treating them on the accurate given timings. Keeping up interaction with the patients, it becomes easier for the doctors to manage and cure them. For patients, it becomes easier to book an appointment at the preferred time. 

Save some time from the development of such an application, instead grab the ready-to-go product that comes with the sleek features that are highly beneficial for running a smooth and hassle-free business. 

Doctor App Screens

Some of the screens of our Doctor App will be like this and these are highly customizable.

Video Demo

Striking Features to amaze users on the on-demand services platform

Search Doctor

Find Doctors according to their Specialisation so there is no wasting of time. Contacting doctors are now easier. 

Get Medicines

Doctro is a whole in one app that provides the facility of prescribing medicines to purchasing them from one place. 

Health Tips

You can call it an addon feature, that gives health and other basic knowledge in the form of articles. Get yourself with 

Instant appointment

Get your suitable booking time for consulting doctors. Get your appointments approved in no time. 

Multi Linguistic

Flexible and multi-languages are available as per your understanding and region. 

Treatment Specialist

View the specialization treatments from specialized Doctors. This makes it easier to find doctors according to categories and precisely.